The Maritime Heritage Visitors Centre (MHVC)
was a maritime gallery based on the collection
of Meir Ben Ze`ev. This gallery operated in Cyprus.
The collection showed the owner`s passion for
maritime art and history. On display were builders
models, sailor models, miniature models, half models,
card models and dioramas. The models reflected
maritime history spanning 7000 years. Marine art was
presented by oil paintings, etchings, drawings, fotos,
posters and prints. On show were maritime decorative
objects such as sign boards, knot boards and ships in
bottles. The exhibits were grouped under these
categories: The age of sail, Merchant shipping,
Pleasure boating, Sea travel & cruising, Fishing,
Marine painting, War at sea. The centre incorporated
a reference and research library of over thousand volumes.
Models and artifacts as well as navigation instruments
were displayed on antique furniture and visitors commented
that the place had a cosy feel of an art loving captain`s house.
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Monday, June 23, 2008

MHVC models collection

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